About Andrea

Since 2001, Andrea Crews’s clientele includes churches, non-profits, and various small businesses around the country.  She is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Expert, with app certifications in Bill.com and Expensify.com. Andrea’s clients are gaining confidence and peace of mind as they use QuickBooks. She guides and supports small business owners, bookkeepers, and others in the use of QuickBooks. As a Live Bookkeeping QuickBooks Expert, she helps them make QuickBooks look and work best for their business’s needs. Lots of “virtual high-fives” are happening when her client-students have those “a-ha” moments!

Schedule an appointment with Andrea to discuss how you can learn to use or improve upon your use of QuickBooks.

Andrea is a quilter and a music lover. She also volunteers at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. As a Girl Scout, Andrea held various leadership and finance positions, including serving on the Gold Award Committee. She has served in other volunteer roles for non-profits, churches, parochial schools, and local small business networking groups. 

Andrea’s favorite apps include: QuickBooks, Aero Workflow, Bill.com, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Just Index Cards.