What is a QuickBooks Expert?

A QuickBooks expert, called ProAdvisor, provides training, insights, and other forms of accounting and bookkeeping support to QuickBooks users in order to drive small businesses to success. However, not all QuickBooks ProAdvisors are QuickBooks experts. Before engaging a ProAdvisor, further research is needed to ask about their background, what kind of services they offer, and whether or not they are QuickBooks-certified. QuickBooks ProAdvisors rates vary. Some ProAdvisors may have limited QuickBooks experience and have not passed the advanced QuickBooks certification exam. Other ProAdvisors are certified by QuickBooks, demonstrating proficiency with the product, and are accounting and bookkeeping professionals.

QuickBooks Expertise
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Advanced Certified QuickBooks experts, including Andrea at My Live Bookkeeper, belong to an elite group of the top 5% of 200,000 ProAdvisors1. QuickBooks advanced certification training doesn’t directly focus on accounting or bookkeeping principles. Advanced certification prepares the QuickBooks expert to tackle many of the real-world scenarios every business owner faces. The training for this expert certification requires a deep-dive into QuickBooks; each candidate spends hours studying and earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. To maintain certification and QuickBooks expert status, one must pass the updated certification exam each year. This requirement ensures you are working with a QuickBooks expert who is up on the latest developments in the product and values continuing education. ProAdvisors are the first to be notified of all new product alerts and updates. You can find a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor on Intuit’s Find a ProAdvisor website.

Your QuickBooks Expert

A QuickBooks expert helps you set-up and customize accounts, teaches you new features and workflows, and then continues to act as a consultant to help troubleshoot and answer any technical questions that may arise. QuickBooks-certified experts provide custom advice to each and every client in ways that go beyond accounting information. A QuickBooks ProAdvisor expert can help you make sense of the numbers on a report and give you insight that can protect and even help grow your business. They use the data available to them to get well-acquainted with all the financial details of your business. They use structures, patterns, and planning to provide you with guidance that you may not see or have time to find yourself.

In addition to using the data from your business, they compare your business with accounting trends. They can show you your rank in comparison to your industry and supply you with insights. Actionable suggestions and advice not only help you make better day-to-day decisions, but they help you meet your goals and aid in your growth. What’s more, QuickBooks experts are there as you make changes and can help you negotiate new landscapes. You can benefit from advice for right now rather than relying on hindsight.

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Succeeding with a QuickBooks Expert

QuickBooks experts are invested in the businesses they work with and are not just a generic help desk. Almost everyone can benefit from an accountant or bookkeeper to help keep their finances straight. However, if you run a small business, then you need someone who can do more than balance the books—you need someone who has an understanding of and insight into what it means to be a small business.

My Live Bookkeeper is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Expert

Hiring an expert QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a smart decision for your business.  At My Live Bookkeeper, we will ensure that your business’s QuickBooks work for you! Focus on your success and feel confident with guidance and advice from a QuickBooks expert. No longer wonder “Am I using QuickBooks right?” You will be using it “correctly” for your business when you learn QuickBooks with Andrea at My Live Bookkeeper.  To learn more about how we can help you and your business, please schedule a chat with Andrea to discuss your unique needs.  

My Live Bookkeeper is a Cut Above

  • Andrea is an accountant beside a bookkeeper. She understands the relationship of the financial data entry to reporting and verifies it against expectations.
  • Working with Quickbooks since 1996, Andrea has experience dealing with different types of individuals and businesses. She leads a remote and paperless bookkeeping and accounting services practice. She has experience in service-based businesses, non-profit, and entrepreneurs, as well as Quickbooks data conversions.
  • Andrea understands that not all bookkeepers are created equal. As such, she is compelled to deliver the best service and has the credentials, customers, references, and recommendations to prove it.
  • In addition to being an Advanced Certified QuickBooks expert, Andrea is also certified by Bill.com and Expensify.com and has experience working with other apps. My Live Bookkeeper has resources and other trusted advisors to discuss and answer questions about apps that can help aid your business such as CodeShoppe.Net.
  • Andrea doesn’t like to use “accountant speak” with her customers—she cares about your business and how she can best support you. Andrea works with you and tailors her approach to fit what is best for your business and its needs. Many cite her collaborative approach as a breath of fresh air.

Your QuickBooks Expert

My Live Bookkeeper is not only a bookkeeper but your best ally and biggest cheerleader. Above all, Andrea serves as a collaborator, a translator, a guide, and a bridge. Her favorite part is experiencing the lightbulb “click” for you. Your confidence will soar as you continue to make progress. She offers Quickbooks help in a fun, personable, engaging way. If you are looking for a dedicated QuickBooks training and bookkeeping expert who offers practical instruction, can read and interpret your reports from a different angle, and is a great value, then schedule an appointment with Andrea to learn more.

1Cloud Accounting Podcast, February 7, 2019