Why QuickBooks?

Accounting software may not be top of mind for the average person. However, QuickBooks will likely be a familiar brand name to non-accountants.  QuickBooks is used by millions of small business owners, managers, and bookkeepers. Unfortunately, most small business owners have no choice but to be their own DIY bookkeeper. Therefore, if you don’t have any bookkeeping knowledge or experience, some time spent on QuickBooks training is priceless.

Find QuickBooks Training To Fit Your Style

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In a classroom

Enrolling in a QuickBooks training class works for folks who don’t mind paying a premium price to learn how to use the software. They can expect most classes to include QuickBooks basics:

  • navigating the program
  • setting up an account
  • managing customers and vendors
  • recording income and expenses

Bookkeeping and accounting professionals usually teach classroom QuickBooks training, in addition to their day job. Fred Pryor seminars are pretty popular and can be found in most areas. Similarly, you can find a class at your local community college, too. Usually, you can complete a course in an afternoon session or over several weeks while participating in a series of sessions. More often than not, these courses use a published curriculum. As a result, this leaves little room, or time, to deal directly with user-specific questions.  In addition, you will probably get the benefit of taking home a “training manual”. Personally, I’ve found classroom training does not provide what I need to put into practical application upon returning to the office.

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Read a book

Go to your favorite book store or website. There are several books on the market you can purchase to create your own QuickBooks training.  You can peruse books for your version of QuickBooks and your business entity. They might be geared for the layman or accounting professional. However, this task can become overwhelming quickly!

Nota Bene: QuickBooks developers continuously update the platform, based on customer feedback, which may render your book obsolete.

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Watch a video

The internet is loaded with video content. Tutorials are accessible and short, with most videos ranging between one to three minutes in length. For example, there are free QuickBooks tutorials that you can watch. These tutorials cover common QuickBooks help topics, navigation and company settings, adding users, basic accounting, banking, invoicing, sales, taxes, expenses, inventory, and bills. Likewise, QuickBooks offers weekly webinars designed to help you master the basics of QuickBooks.1

Note: If you are an aspiring bookkeeper, consider becoming a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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Personal Coaching

One cannot expect to learn everything about QuickBooks in one sitting. Therefore, personal coaching offers QuickBooks training customized for what you need to learn. Additionally, you won’t have to compete with other students to get your questions answered. Besides, QuickBooks training coaches are a fraction of the cost for a CPA.

Some of the benefits with a personal coach:

  • Focus on the individual issues facing your business
  • Target the features you need for your business
  • Answer your specific questions and concerns
  • Training from the comfort of your office and fits in your schedule

Which QuickBooks Training is Right for You?

It’s hard to find time to devote to QuickBooks training. However, you will learn skills to make the investment more than worth it. Firstly, you’ll improve your confidence that you’re doing things right and can have accurate reports. Secondly, if you are in the job market for an accounting, managerial or administrative position, QuickBooks training could be beneficial for getting jobs. It’s always a good thing to invest in yourself, whether it’s QuickBooks training or something else.

QuickBooks Training From an Expert

My Live Bookkeeper offers personalized QuickBooks training and coaching for your skill level. Together, you create the best way to learn QuickBooks for you and your business. Learn tips and tricks, how-tos and procedures, “accountant speak” translation, explanations of important processes or features (such as reconciliation), and an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Regardless of your reason for QuickBooks training, you can rely on My Live Bookkeeper to be an ally and collaborator when you need it. If you get stuck or need help with correcting a more complicated issue, My Live Bookkeeper can coach you through it with QuickBooks training. Reach out to [email protected] or Schedule an Appointment for a free consultation.