Do you want to learn QuickBooks?

6 common reasons why people consider it

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1.Your New Business

With new businesses cropping up, many owners have to learn QuickBooks fast. Many “side hustles” are, by necessity, turning into primary sources of income for families. Being new to business, owners must track their income and expenses separately in order to be prepared at tax time. Learning QuickBooks in order to manage your finances, is a convenient way to have your financial information all in one place by the time tax season comes around.

It’s likely that you will prepare your own business tax return. It is very important to know how to track the flow of money into and out of your business. Learn QuickBooks in order to use and understand its management reports which facilitates your tax return. You do not want to overstate your income and pay more tax than you need. On the other hand, you do not want to understate your income, which can potentially lead to problems with the IRS. Here’s more on that from the IRS

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2. You Want to Start a Bookkeeping Business

As the first reason points out, “side hustles” are becoming the new normal. A growing number of people are retooling, retraining, and reinventing themselves. If your passion is helping others with their finances, or you just love numbers, then you may consider learning QuickBooks and starting down a new career path. The QuickBooks Online platform gives you any time, anywhere access to your client’s information.

You can grow your practice by participating in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program. This program provides multiple benefits to you including QuickBooks certification, a business profile listing, and discounts on products or services from QuickBooks and its partners. There is a learning curve using QuickBooks, as with all new endeavors, so be patient and resolute. QuickBooks-centric jargon, nomenclature, and understanding the software’s procedures and efficiencies will be new to you.


3. Your Accountant Uses QuickBooks

With seven million users, it is very easy to find a professional who knows how to use it, or who can support you in your use of it (such as My Live Bookkeeper). QuickBooks is the number one bookkeeping software for small businesses, [1] and it is recommended by the majority of accounting professionals. At your accountant’s suggestion, you’ve signed up for a QuickBooks account. Now what? Learning QuickBooks and giving your accountant access to any time, anywhere QuickBooks data is standard operating procedure these days for business owners.

Some accountants may be too busy or too expensive to do routine bookkeeping work. However, by learning and doing your own bookkeeping with QuickBooks, you can save money to then afford your accountant for “big picture” monthly, quarterly, or annual oversight work.

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4. QuickBooks Mobile App

By learning to use the QuickBooks mobile app on your phone or other portable device, you can quickly take action on QuickBooks bookkeeping tasks, all while being untethered to your desktop computer. In the app, you can send an invoice to a customer, check your bank accounts, take a picture of an expense receipt, track business mileage, and more! This means more time for building networks, generating leads, and growing your customer base.

This QuickBooks app may not have all of the features and functions that you get with QuickBooks Online using your web browser, but it has come a long way from its original iteration. QuickBooks loves and takes to heart user feedback. As more users rely on their phones and tablets (and ditch their laptops), the developers at QuickBooks will likely expand this app’s functionality.

You can find a comparison of mobile app features here. Click your operating system and give the free QuickBooks mobile app a try: iOS or Android.

5. QuickBooks Store

QuickBooks has an open application programming interface (API). This feature allows third party programmers to develop apps that interface seamlessly with QuickBooks. These applications are built with the goal of making any accounting or payroll task streamlined and virtually automated. These QuickBooks apps must pass a security audit regularly before they are approved for sale on the apps store.

You can find QuickBooks-vetted apps for your business. Give it a try! Search various categories such as Manage Customers, Track Time, and Perform Analytics. You may find your solution for e-commerce and third party payment processing issues. A number of these apps offer free trials, so there’s little risk in testing multiple.

86% of customers agree that apps for QuickBooks help them save time.

6. You Are Not An Accountant

There is no singular best way to learn QuickBooks. Some users like the intuitive roadmap and see menus they can easily understand while learning and using QuickBooks. The platform employs machine learning, live bank connections and statements, and conversational language for transactions. Most users can categorize transactions on their banking screen with little training. These features help you accomplish your accounting goals as swiftly as possible so you can get back to doing what you do best. The developers at QuickBooks read all the feedback they receive from customers like you, and can quickly change the menus and features.

My Live Bookkeeper

Learn QuickBooks From an Expert

My Live Bookkeeper offers personalized QuickBooks training and support for your skill level. Together, you create the best way to learn QuickBooks for you and your business. We can offer tips and tricks, how-tos and procedures, “accountant speak” translation, explanations of important processes or features (such as reconciliation), and an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Regardless of your reason to learn QuickBooks, you can rely on My Live Bookkeeper to be an ally and collaborator when you need it. If you get stuck or need help with correcting a more complicated issue, My Live Bookkeeper can coach you through it with QuickBooks training. Reach out to [email protected] or Schedule an Appointment for a free consultation. 

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