What We’ll Do

We will answer your QuickBooks questions and provide QuickBooks personalized training for your business. Remote-attended support sessions will be of a 45-minute duration, not more than once a week. After each appointment, you will receive summaries, with applicable action items. Continuing communications and document sharing may occur in between our remote support sessions.

Here is a sampling of items that are included:

  • Financial insights
  • Assistance and tips on bookkeeping best practices
  • Customizing reports
  • Product overview and how-to’s
  • Setting up Chart of Accounts
  • Connecting banks
  • Performing categorization and reconciliation activity
  • Making loan corrections/adjustments


Our fee starts at $225.00 per month. A Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization Form must be valid and on file before the first appointment. You are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time, as noted on the Authorization Form.

Services Not Currently Provided

LaCrews Bookkeeping, aka My Live Bookkeeper, is not a substitute for a CPA or accountant. While we assist your business in maintaining your books, we will not handle any of your tax work. We do not, at any time, provide legal services of any type.

We will make no attempt to adjust the records to reflect Generally Accepted Accounting Principles nor to reflect proper tax recordkeeping. We will make no audit or other verification of your accounting data. Any reports that contain portions of financial information are for internal management use only.

Here is a sampling of items that may require additional fees:

  • Businesses with over 300 accounts or more than 3 subaccount levels in their Chart of Accounts
  • Major data cleanups, conversions, and migrations
  • Payroll, payroll taxes, and payroll setup
  • Sales tax, sales tax setup, and related services
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable/Manual transaction entries (cash/check)
  • Business budgeting and forecasting
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Emergency meetings